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• Since when does Carrousel Automation operate?

Carrousel Automation design and manufacture rotating displays since 2007.

• What is the warranty on your products?

All our products are covered with a 1 year limited warranty .

• Can we use the rotating displays outside in winter?

Unless otherwise mentioned, all our displays can withstand temperatures from -40 to 40 C (-40 to 104F).

• Can we use a rotating display in Europe or in other countries?

Yes, we have electrical units with certifications to suit most countries.



•What is the maintenance required on a Hipower display ?

A minimal maintenance of one hour per year.

• Does the Hipower display rotate both ways?

Yes, when the motor is turned off, a toggle switch on the motor allows you to change the rotation from clockwise to counter clockwise.

• How do we load a vehicle on the Hipower display?

The platform tilts 30 degrees downward and 2 ramps extend from the display and reach the ground. A locking device is activates when loading to avoid rotation of the display.

• What is the maximum weight we can load on the Hipower display?

A maximum of 8000 pounds or 7,500 pounds if you have a banner support, and 7,350 if you have a banner support and a LED light kit. Remember that the lenght of the vehicle should not exceed the lenght of the platform so you have room to center the weight of the vehicle on the platform.

• What happen if someone or something hit the display when it turns?

The security system stops the rotation of the display as soon as a 30 pounds (15 kilos) pressure is applied on the outskirt of the display. The rotation will resume when the obstruction is removed.

• How long does it take to install a banner support ourselves?

Approximately 2 hours by 2 people. The process is very easy to follow with the step by step manual.

• How will a car display help me sell more vehicles?

A car display will give more visibility to your vehicles and attract new clients in your showroom. The more visibility, the more new clients, that's a simple equation. The Hipower car rotating display equipped with a banner support and a light package is  presently the most effective car display on the market. The 3 X 52 feet banner attracts the attention of passing by customer right away and they will look at the vehicle on the display. We think that a car turntable equipped with the banner support is more then twice as effective as a simple car turntable. As a matter of fact, a single car carrousel with a banner support is more effective and much less expensive then 3 standards car turntables, so not only you will save money but you will also save parking spots by choosing a Hipower car display equipped with his banner support.

•Is there a difference between a car rotating display, a car spinner, a car turntable, a car carrousel and a car turning platform?

No, they are all different ways of describing a rotating platform for cars and trucks.


• What is the difference between the model Hipower and the model Hipower Mobile?

The Hipower Mobile rotating display can be towed with a pickup truck just like a conventional trailer.

•Is there a breaking system on the Hipower Mobile ?

Yes, the platform is equipped with electrical breaks and also have an integrated suspension adjusted to its weight .

• Can we transport a vehicle on the Hipower Mobile rotating display?

No, never. The wheels of the display are designed to carry only the weight of the display.

Why choose a Hipower Mobile display instead of the Hipower display?

The Hipower Mobile car turntable is designed for a company with many dealerships. The owner can move the car display from one dealership to the other easily for special promotions or to give a boost to the sales of a less effective dealership. The Hipower Mobile car rotating display is also great to show your vehicles in fairs and trade shows.

•Can I purchase a Hipower car display and then latter upgrade it with a Mobile kit?

Yes it is possible to upgrade the Hipower car turtable with a Mobile Kit but the warranty on the car turntable will only be valid if the upgrade is done by our techniciens,



• What is the capacity of the Podium?

We have 2 models: Podium5; 2300 kilos (5000 pounds) and Podium7; 3400 kilos (7500 pounds).

• Can we change the distance between the 2 tracks of the display?

Yes, the outside width can be adjusted from 72 to 88 inches (1.8 to 2.2 meters) for Podium5, and from 80 to 96 inches (2.0 to 2.4 meters) for Podium7.

• Why is the Podium galvanized?

Hot dip galvanization can prevent rust up to 25 years. Rust prevention helps maintaining the strength of the welded steel.



• Can you compare the effectiveness of the different types of cars displays?

Yes and we did with an extensive survey with our clients. We took into consideration the following variables:

The price of the car display,

The durability of the car display,

The space the car display takes on the ground (number of parking spots),

The pay back time, or the amount of time the display is entirely paid by bringing more sales,

The visibility of the car display.


Based on our findings, we came up with the following numbers for the effectiveness of the different car displays:

No displays: 1

Podium 5: 3  ( 3 means that a vehicle on a Podium is 3 times more effective than a vehicle on the ground in your front lot)

Podium 7: 3

Hipower rotating display: 8

Hipower rotating display with lights: 12

Hipower rotating display with banner support: 20

Hipower rotating display with banner support and lights: 30

So a single Hipower rotating display equiped with a banner support and a light kit will give you as much visibility as 30 vehicles parked on your front lot!


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